Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stuff I have for sale::::

I added more goodies! Check out what is for sale.
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Monday, July 30, 2012

MY boy at the end of their blueray. LOL.

Swearing involved. If you don't like it, don't watch. LOL
BluRay Promo - YouTube:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Top Ten Rules for Being Human

Top Ten Rules for Being Human

Rule One - You will receive a body. Whether you love it or hate it, it's yours for life, so accept it. What counts is what's inside.

Rule Two - You will be presented with lessons. Life is a constant learning experience, which every day provides opportunities for you to learn more. These lessons are specific to you, and learning them 'is the key to discovering and fulfilling the meaning and relevance of your own life'.

Rule Three - There are no mistakes, only lessons. Your development towards wisdom is a process of experimentation, trial and error, so it's inevitable things will not always go to plan or turn out how you'd want. Compassion is the remedy for harsh judgment - of ourselves and others. Forgiveness is not only divine - it's also 'the act of erasing an emotional debt'. Behaving ethically, with integrity, and with humour - especially the ability to laugh at yourself and your own mishaps - are central to the perspective that 'mistakes' are simply lessons we must learn.

Rule Four - The lesson is repeated until learned. Lessons repeat until learned. What manifest as problems and challenges, irritations and frustrations are more lessons - they will repeat until you see them as such and learn from them. Your own awareness and your ability to change are requisites of executing this rule. Also fundamental is the acceptance that you are not a victim of fate or circumstance - 'causality' must be acknowledged; that is to say: things happen to you because of how you are and what you do. To blame anyone or anything else for your misfortunes is an escape and a denial; you yourself are responsible for you, and what happens to you. Patience is required - change doesn't happen overnight, so give change time to happen.

Rule Five - Learning does not end. While you are alive there are always lessons to be learned. Surrender to the 'rhythm of life', don't struggle against it. Commit to the process of constant learning and change - be humble enough to always acknowledge your own weaknesses, and be flexible enough to adapt from what you may be accustomed to, because rigidity will deny you the freedom of new possibilities.

Rule Six - "There" is no better than "here". The other side of the hill may be greener than your own, but being there is not the key to endless happiness. Be grateful for and enjoy what you have, and where you are on your journey. Appreciate the abundance of what's good in your life, rather than measure and amass things that do not actually lead to happiness. Living in the present helps you attain peace.

Rule Seven - Others are only mirrors of you. You love or hate something about another person according to what love or hate about yourself. Be tolerant; accept others as they are, and strive for clarity of self-awareness; strive to truly understand and have an objective perception of your own self, your thoughts and feelings. Negative experiences are opportunities to heal the wounds that you carry. Support others, and by doing so you support yourself. Where you are unable to support others it is a sign that you are not adequately attending to your own needs.

Rule Eight - What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. Take responsibility for yourself. Learn to let go when you cannot change things. Don't get angry about things - bitter memories clutter your mind. Courage resides in all of us - use it when you need to do what's right for you. We all possess a strong natural power and adventurous spirit, which you should draw on to embrace what lies ahead.

Rule Nine - Your answers lie inside of you. Trust your instincts and your innermost feelings, whether you hear them as a little voice or a flash of inspiration. Listen to feelings as well as sounds. Look, listen, and trust. Draw on your natural inspiration.

Rule Ten - You will forget all this at birth. We are all born with all of these capabilities - our early experiences lead us into a physical world, away from our spiritual selves, so that we become doubtful, cynical and lacking belief and confidence. The ten Rules are not commandments, they are universal truths that apply to us all. When you lose your way, call upon them. Have faith in the strength of your spirit. Aspire to be wise - wisdom the ultimate path of your life, and it knows no limits other than those you impose on yourself.

- Cherie Carter-Scott. Scott is an author, life coach, and motivational speaker offers consulting and coaching on all aspects of change management.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Albert and Susie's first plane ride. - YouTube

This was our very first plane ride.
It was in Long Lake, NY at Helm's Aero Service.
Tom the pilot made the trip fun. He was so funny that it kept your mind busy so you weren't afraid. LOL!
May go again in the fall.
At 20:40 he goes to open the window and I'm SO relieved at being back down I give him a big hug. LOL.
CLICK the link:
Albert and Susie's first plane ride. - YouTube:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Test: A Tool of Inquiry by Benjamin Smythe

The Test: A Tool of Inquiry by Benjamin Smythe
Here is something I developed a year ago, inspired by The Work of Byron Katie, that I
use to end stress in my life. I notice there is always a desire running in my experience. I notice I can change it. Wow. While the Work is about investigating what happens when thoughts are believed, the Test is about noticing this constant wishing power, and using it intelligently.
The exercise is based on the following:
1. I am the one wishing. I can change my wish.
2. Desires and emotions are linked. What I am wishing for directly creates my emotional experience.
3. Reality is the measure of what is actually happening, obviously.
All I do is get out a piece of paper and answer the following questions.
1. What is my wish?
Example: I wish my shoulder didn't hurt.
2. What is Reality?
Ex: My shoulder hurts.
3. How do I feel when my wish doesn't match Reality?
Ex: I feel bummed out. I imagine it getting worse. I wonder how it will affect my day.
4. How would I feel if I could wish for what Reality is?
Ex: "I wish my shoulder hurt."
I laugh, because it does. I laugh because I immediately get my wish. I laugh because it is absurd,and yet, in the absurdity of it, there is no stress or or suffering.
In the irony of what appears to be an insane wish, there is a flower that blooms. I have no idea why, and I am in love with the clarity it brings.
* I cannot fake a wish. I know when I am lying to myself. For question #4, I have to actually
direct the wishing power at Reality. If I can't, then I get what I already had.
* A friend said, "Yeah...but what if I don't wish my shoulder hurt? Aren't I just lying to myself?" Each wish leads to a particular emotional experience. The only question I find relevant is, "What is this wish getting me?"
* What I continue to learn from The Test is if I don't want the emotional experience I am having I can change my desires and instantly be uplifted. I am still shocked The Test actually works. It is a delight everytime I do it and feel the freedom bubble up from below when I wish for Reality and Wham-O, baby!!! Here it is. Amazing.
* I let the experience of feeling what happens with question #4 be the conclusion. You will notice what you did, and notice you did it, or you won't.

(I just call this 'accepting what is because it is what is ... in another word "reality". It doesn't mean you can't take steps to change it but most often I find that accepting what is doesn't hurt me, change me, or affect me unless "I" let it.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Please VOTE for my son's band, Tyrade!

Please click on the link and go to Rockstar Energy Uproar Tour website and vote for my son's band Tyrade for them to get the chance to play on the Darien Lake stop! 
It is a chance to open with Godsmack, Staind, Shinedown, Papa Roach, and many many more!!
The guy in the front is my boy Ronn the singer. :)
Thanks a bunch,

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our new grandson and his big brother:

Mason looks SO very proud holding his little brother Carter~! 
Cute eh?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our newest grandson Carter was born today!

We went for a Harley ride today and stopped in to see our son Andy, our daughter in law Melissa and grandson Mason in Constantia, NY! We visited for a while and Melissa was feeling sort of poorly. :) We took off and went to North Syracuse for lunch at Applebee's and Andy called about 12:10 pm and said they were going to the hospital that her contractions were getting close and consistent. We got there about 1:10 pm and he was born at 3:10 pm. Quick eh? He was 7lbs. 1 ounce!
He is such a sweet kid.
Love Carter James Simser so much. :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fear VS Peace!

The ego mind is always trying to protect itself.
That mind is always in fear, fear of losing it's position, it's honor, it's place.
That mind is constantly fighting reality.
It never accepts what comes in life as it always wants what IT wants.
The ego mind is not only a self centered life but a life filled with defending what is supposedly theirs.
The higher mind is one of acceptance, one of peace and freedom. All that comes is exactly WHAT IS SUPPOSE to come.
 It is life. The higher mind accepts what is and goes from there doing and being what it thinks best but doesn't have the defenses of fear and anger.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day surprise....

My husband took me on a secret Harley ride on Saturday. It was an awesome place to eat a few hours from our house in Remsen, NY. Here is their website:
It was so cool. The atmosphere being "the fifties" was so awesome. The music was neat and so was the food. If you are ever in the area, stop by.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cupcake decorating supplies ready...

My daughter in law Erica and grandson Drew are coming over this afternoon to decorate cupcakes and stay for supper.
I thought I would show you the supplies I got ready for them. :)
What fun,

CLICK to ENLARGE photos:
 All of the supplies.

 Only got 17 cupcakes from the cake mix. I make them BIG. LOL. I use an ice cream scoop full to put the batter in the paper cups.

Sprinkles, colored butter cream (Light blue, medium blue, orange, red, black, gray, brown, white and green. ) 

Fondant to make shapes, decorating tips, book, and icing bags.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My grandson Mason dancing.

My grandson Mason dancing. Isn't he so cool?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Katie's Vet appointment!

Yesterday Katie had her bath, a trim and nails clipped.  She is SUCH a good girl.
Her vet appointment was today. She was a perfect girl. Yes, she is a she. She had her
shots, worming and guess what? She is already spayed.
The vet figured she was around a year or a year and a half.
She weighs 8 lbs 2 ounces.
I don't get why someone would let her be a stray.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Katie in Cat Carrier:

Going to call the Vet when they open and get Katie in for her appointment. My daughter in law Erica let me borrow her Pet Carrier. :)
I put a towel inside and gave it a few Cat Nip sprays. I picked her up and put her nose near the towel and she went right in for a bit. :) Good way to get her use to it a little. 

CLICK to enlarge:

Friday, April 6, 2012

Stray cat! Should I keep her???

There has been a stray cat hanging around our street for months now. 

I've seen it and wondered about it. My next door neighbor asked me to put food out for it on her ramp while she was gone for 5 days so I said sure.  She said she wished someone would take her.

My husband went to put food out this morning and she was already there waiting. He petted her and she seemed nice and said I should go look at her so I did. She let me pet her. 

A bit later I took the cat food bag and shook it outside my door and she came running. She came in for a bit and then seemed like she wanted to leave so I let her out. An hour later I shook the bag again and she came running in again. 

She has been here since morning and seems to love it. She is now on our grand-doggers dog bed taking a nap. OH NO! LOL!
My daughter in law Erica and our grandson Drew came over to check her out (she is a she according to Erica)! I didn't know what it was. LOL!
Should I keep her? I called the vet and it will be almost $200 to have her get shots, wormed and spade.
Just weighed her this morning (Mon. 4-9-2012) and she weighs 8 lbs.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's a LIE!

The thought, “He was supposed to be here ten minutes ago,” is a lie.
The thought, “She died too early,” is a lie.
The thought, “I could have done a better job,” is a lie.
Over and over again, you believe lies about the obvious.
You believe time is interested in your desires.
You believe time is something you can control.
You believe there is another universe where everything works out for you,
(and if not everything, then at least something.)
You believe time is real and you suffer for it.
The good news is the solution to the suffering caused by believing lies
is simply ending the fight with time.
No matter what happens, it happens when it does.
No matter when you would like it to happen,
It happens, whatever it is, when it does.
No matter who you wish was earlier or later,
No matter who you wish was alive or dead,
No matter who you wish would:
Get their act together,
Find their path,
Heal their wounds,
Fix their problems,
Improve their self-esteem,
“Get a life!”
End their fight with time…
No matter what you think,
Everything happens on time.
Every thought, phone call, email, text message;
Every word from someone else’s mouth, or yours;
Every red light, green light, stop sign, traffic jam;
Every “late” for dinner, “late” for work, late train, blind date no-show;
Every itch, ache, burp, need to pee, eye blink, and snore;
Every single bird song, wind gust, rain cloud, sun beam;
Every “fuck up”, “mistake”, misplaced keys, wallet, coupon;
Every single facial expression, body position, and emotion;
Every “insult”, criticism, rude dude, and uptight prude;
Every love utterance, stuttered praise, and high five;
Every single cat crap, dog shit, bird slop, fly buzz;
Every kiss, hug, make out, and bone down;
Every crying child, mild headache, hacking cough and stubbed toe…
Every car crash, diaper rash, STD, and bankruptcy…
When does it happen?
When it happens!
Don’t live a life of misery believing lies about the obvious.
End the fight with time and suffering ceases.

Benjamin Smythe

Monday, February 20, 2012

I was asked to make a boob cake:

My sister in law Tammy asked me to make a BOOB cake for my brother in laws 50th birthday. I didn't have a clue how to do it. Some use small bowls but I didn't have any the right size and I've heard they can blow up in the oven SO I used my puffed heart cake pan.

I think it turned out pretty good. He loved it so that's what counts. :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

N Y Giants Manicure

I think I've lost the nail polishing TOUCH! I haven't done it in so long I struggled to do these and it looks like it. :)
Good Luck NY Giants.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hair cut! No color in 3 months. :) Sweet!

Got my hair cut today. A whole dust pan full. LOL. I haven't had it dyed in about 3 months. Thought I'd find out how gray/white I am. :)
Thanks Suzann for another great hair cut.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bunny Nails 1st Giveaway!

Bunny Nails 1st Giveaway!

She got everything prepared for her first giveaway, prizes and pictures.
There are going to be 13 winners!
The prizes are:

1 winner: XL nail stamp plates A, B, C & D (same as magnonails)
1 winner: QA series nail stamp set of 19 plates (QA 1- QA 19)
1 winner: A series nail stamp set of 20 plates (A 01- A 20)
2 winners: 7 QA nail stamp plates 1, 2, 3 , 4, 12, 14 & 17 (Cartoon characters)
2 winners: 6 QA nail stamp plates + 2 A series stamp plates (random selection)
6 winners: 1 Kleancolor nail polish in Chunky Holo Black + 6 nail art sticker sheets

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Update on my P90 workouts:

I haven't worked out since September 28th 2011. I had back issues and went to see a Chiropractor. To make a LONG story very short I was in NO pain in my neck but some crunching and she adjusted me 5 times and kept saying I shouldn't be in that much pain and that my neck was stubborn. 
MRI's found three bulging discs in my neck and instability in my neck. She did some damage for sure. This was back in Oct and I'm still not back to where I started with her in regards to my neck. The back MRI showed a broken L5 that has shifted and a deformed tail bone.
I have been having Physical Therapy to strengthen my neck.
I've been walking some and doing pretty good.
I started back with my workouts on January 2nd. I am not doing the workouts Albert's doing. I'm starting back with the beginning workouts and going from there. It won't take me long to get back to the workouts I was doing. :)
My working out on Monday made me REAL sore the next day but better each day. Down 2 and 1/2 pounds so far. I'm at my high goal. My goal is 120 to 125. I find anything less than that my face looks WAY too thin. LOL.
My neck gets a little more sore but I'm sure that will get better.
My neck is bigger from doing all of these neck exercises. The Physical Therapist released me on my own and of course added even more exercises. :) His advice was the same as I was thinking so I agree. He said I didn't need the Nerve Conduction Study and if I could live with how I was (and he said I would get even better) that he felt I didn't need surgery. I agree on both counts. Awesome.
I am NOT a body. I am as God created me. 

The plan for 2012 is to stay healthy and mobile. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our New Years Eve

We had our grandson Drew here for the weekend. It was fun. We stayed up way past what we normally do but didn't make it till midnight. 10 pm was the best we all could do. LOL.
We had Sparkling White Grape Juice and very Buttery Popcorn while watching a movie. :)
Happy New Year,