Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Test: A Tool of Inquiry by Benjamin Smythe

The Test: A Tool of Inquiry by Benjamin Smythe
Here is something I developed a year ago, inspired by The Work of Byron Katie, that I
use to end stress in my life. I notice there is always a desire running in my experience. I notice I can change it. Wow. While the Work is about investigating what happens when thoughts are believed, the Test is about noticing this constant wishing power, and using it intelligently.
The exercise is based on the following:
1. I am the one wishing. I can change my wish.
2. Desires and emotions are linked. What I am wishing for directly creates my emotional experience.
3. Reality is the measure of what is actually happening, obviously.
All I do is get out a piece of paper and answer the following questions.
1. What is my wish?
Example: I wish my shoulder didn't hurt.
2. What is Reality?
Ex: My shoulder hurts.
3. How do I feel when my wish doesn't match Reality?
Ex: I feel bummed out. I imagine it getting worse. I wonder how it will affect my day.
4. How would I feel if I could wish for what Reality is?
Ex: "I wish my shoulder hurt."
I laugh, because it does. I laugh because I immediately get my wish. I laugh because it is absurd,and yet, in the absurdity of it, there is no stress or or suffering.
In the irony of what appears to be an insane wish, there is a flower that blooms. I have no idea why, and I am in love with the clarity it brings.
* I cannot fake a wish. I know when I am lying to myself. For question #4, I have to actually
direct the wishing power at Reality. If I can't, then I get what I already had.
* A friend said, "Yeah...but what if I don't wish my shoulder hurt? Aren't I just lying to myself?" Each wish leads to a particular emotional experience. The only question I find relevant is, "What is this wish getting me?"
* What I continue to learn from The Test is if I don't want the emotional experience I am having I can change my desires and instantly be uplifted. I am still shocked The Test actually works. It is a delight everytime I do it and feel the freedom bubble up from below when I wish for Reality and Wham-O, baby!!! Here it is. Amazing.
* I let the experience of feeling what happens with question #4 be the conclusion. You will notice what you did, and notice you did it, or you won't.

(I just call this 'accepting what is because it is what is ... in another word "reality". It doesn't mean you can't take steps to change it but most often I find that accepting what is doesn't hurt me, change me, or affect me unless "I" let it.)

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