Thursday, January 5, 2012

Update on my P90 workouts:

I haven't worked out since September 28th 2011. I had back issues and went to see a Chiropractor. To make a LONG story very short I was in NO pain in my neck but some crunching and she adjusted me 5 times and kept saying I shouldn't be in that much pain and that my neck was stubborn. 
MRI's found three bulging discs in my neck and instability in my neck. She did some damage for sure. This was back in Oct and I'm still not back to where I started with her in regards to my neck. The back MRI showed a broken L5 that has shifted and a deformed tail bone.
I have been having Physical Therapy to strengthen my neck.
I've been walking some and doing pretty good.
I started back with my workouts on January 2nd. I am not doing the workouts Albert's doing. I'm starting back with the beginning workouts and going from there. It won't take me long to get back to the workouts I was doing. :)
My working out on Monday made me REAL sore the next day but better each day. Down 2 and 1/2 pounds so far. I'm at my high goal. My goal is 120 to 125. I find anything less than that my face looks WAY too thin. LOL.
My neck gets a little more sore but I'm sure that will get better.
My neck is bigger from doing all of these neck exercises. The Physical Therapist released me on my own and of course added even more exercises. :) His advice was the same as I was thinking so I agree. He said I didn't need the Nerve Conduction Study and if I could live with how I was (and he said I would get even better) that he felt I didn't need surgery. I agree on both counts. Awesome.
I am NOT a body. I am as God created me. 

The plan for 2012 is to stay healthy and mobile. :)


  1. Taki J,
    My husband has been doing insanity and it's insane. LOL. I see your also nuts. :)
    Have fun,


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