Saturday, July 14, 2012

Albert and Susie's first plane ride. - YouTube

This was our very first plane ride.
It was in Long Lake, NY at Helm's Aero Service.
Tom the pilot made the trip fun. He was so funny that it kept your mind busy so you weren't afraid. LOL!
May go again in the fall.
At 20:40 he goes to open the window and I'm SO relieved at being back down I give him a big hug. LOL.
CLICK the link:
Albert and Susie's first plane ride. - YouTube:


  1. Aww, your first plane ride! The first time is always a little nerve-wracking and scary, but then you’ll never truly know how fun it is until you get in a plane and take off! Looks like you enjoyed your ride though. Congratulations on your first plane ride! Here’s to many more for you to enjoy!

  2. Lilia Dyal,
    Thanks a bunch. It was mostly fun. :) Now we are planning a BIG PLANE ride. :)


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