Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Katie's Vet appointment!

Yesterday Katie had her bath, a trim and nails clipped.  She is SUCH a good girl.
Her vet appointment was today. She was a perfect girl. Yes, she is a she. She had her
shots, worming and guess what? She is already spayed.
The vet figured she was around a year or a year and a half.
She weighs 8 lbs 2 ounces.
I don't get why someone would let her be a stray.


  1. She looks so pretty! I'm happy to hear she's a part of your family now :)

  2. I think it's such a good deed you did. Taking a stray into your home, and I'm so glad you did ! I wish I could manage to bring strays into my home, in the hope that they could have a safe home, and wouldn't be in any danger of being abused, starved, exposed to the elements, or injured or killed by a car. But they always run away.
    I'm so glad, and so happy for Katie and her new home !

  3. NOW she looks like a pet!! Her fur is clean & I can tell she is taking better care of herself already. She is obviously cleaning & grooming herself. She is a happy cat!! ;-)

  4. On behalf of all strays everywhere I thank you for this.
    Especially as black cats are allegedly hard to rehome - isn't that awful!

    Bless you for being so kind.

  5. AdmiraBiatch,
    Thanks so much. Katie is a very calm, sweet girl. She never cries at the door. She is very content warm and feed. :)

    Yes, she is SO very sweet.

    Sheryl Evans,
    She grooms ALL the time. LOL.

    :) You're welcome Black cats are hard to rehome??????? Why? I've had two black labs and she being black just made me want her all the more. :)


  6. You have to be very careful adopting out black cats, esp. around Halloween. People actually come to the shelter looking & asking for black cats then. We don't adopt out black cats at that time of the year, & do ask some serious questions from potential adopter's when they ask for them.

  7. I can't imagine adopting a pet JUST for Halloween. How nuts is that?
    Well, I'm drawn to black. I have/had a black haired husband, 2 black labs and now a black cat. :)

  8. I hope you don't mind but I copied Katie's picture & put up a link to your blog on my blog so people can read Katie's story. Thx

  9. Sheryl,
    How sweet of you. Awesome. :)


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