Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's a LIE!

The thought, “He was supposed to be here ten minutes ago,” is a lie.
The thought, “She died too early,” is a lie.
The thought, “I could have done a better job,” is a lie.
Over and over again, you believe lies about the obvious.
You believe time is interested in your desires.
You believe time is something you can control.
You believe there is another universe where everything works out for you,
(and if not everything, then at least something.)
You believe time is real and you suffer for it.
The good news is the solution to the suffering caused by believing lies
is simply ending the fight with time.
No matter what happens, it happens when it does.
No matter when you would like it to happen,
It happens, whatever it is, when it does.
No matter who you wish was earlier or later,
No matter who you wish was alive or dead,
No matter who you wish would:
Get their act together,
Find their path,
Heal their wounds,
Fix their problems,
Improve their self-esteem,
“Get a life!”
End their fight with time…
No matter what you think,
Everything happens on time.
Every thought, phone call, email, text message;
Every word from someone else’s mouth, or yours;
Every red light, green light, stop sign, traffic jam;
Every “late” for dinner, “late” for work, late train, blind date no-show;
Every itch, ache, burp, need to pee, eye blink, and snore;
Every single bird song, wind gust, rain cloud, sun beam;
Every “fuck up”, “mistake”, misplaced keys, wallet, coupon;
Every single facial expression, body position, and emotion;
Every “insult”, criticism, rude dude, and uptight prude;
Every love utterance, stuttered praise, and high five;
Every single cat crap, dog shit, bird slop, fly buzz;
Every kiss, hug, make out, and bone down;
Every crying child, mild headache, hacking cough and stubbed toe…
Every car crash, diaper rash, STD, and bankruptcy…
When does it happen?
When it happens!
Don’t live a life of misery believing lies about the obvious.
End the fight with time and suffering ceases.

Benjamin Smythe

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