Monday, January 31, 2011

Copic coloring fun. Merry Christmas. LOL!

Just wanted to use my Copic Markers for practice and I have never used glitter before except when I did the Glitter Ornaments. You can see those here:
This was fun. !

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cutting fabric with my Silhouette SD

Well I gave cutting fabric a try this morning with my Silhouette SD.
I ironed on Heat and Bond onto the back of the fabric then I placed it on the heavy mat. I opened a bunch of flower shapes then selected all and then grouped them. I then clicked on the trace tool and traced them all, selected the outside portion to cut and put in my settings. I set it for the thickest card stock which uses the pink blade cap and I clicked double cut.
My first try the fabric didn't want to stay stuck as well as I would have liked and the paper during cutting was somewhat tangling up so I stopped the machine before the second cutting. A few things didn't cut well. I found out that you shouldn't pick thin shaped items to be cut out for sure.
My next try I used my Cricket mat which is MUCH stickier and that helped. I let it do the double cutting. I would still liked it to have stuck down better. I put it fabric side DOWN on the mat so maybe I should try heat and bond down next time.
Here are my results.
 You can see I lost one of the pedals somewhere on the bottom right flower and a few of them ripped right off. Better to stick with thicker floral designs. 

 Here is the biggest design which works best.

 Here is the back with the Heat and Bond showing.

I plan to use my little craft iron if I am going to use these items on cards or scrapbooking but will use my household iron of course if I'm going to add them to shirts or quilts. :)
If anyone has any comments that will help with cutting on the Silhouette SD, please comment. :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Got a new toy. My "Cuttlebug"!

I got a new toy a while back and have been playing. I got a Cuttlebug. It embosses and cuts. :)

This is the Cuttlebug Plus Fanciful Labels

Pretty cool eh?

 These work in the Cuttlebug too.

 Made out of heavy stuff. :o)

 This is the inside and you can use the FRAME that is left over too if you want.

 Here is a card I made. I ended up giving it to my husband BUTTONS and all. It will be two years ago that he quit smoking as my Valentines gift. COOL! He's doing great now but we put in a few really ROUGH months. 

Maven, a gal with a wonderful blog told me how to do this. 
CHECK her blog out. Neat Pepsi can eh?

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My 2nd and 3rd Scrapbook pages and a card I made.

These are my 2nd and 3rd scrapbook pages. These are pre-made pages and I'm not nuts over them. They LOL. I would rather put them together myself.
My first page was this years Christmas and today's pages are from my husbands and my first Christmas together in 1973. LOL.


 The 2 pages side by side.

 Close up! This was a little tree I found in our back yard and hacked it down all by myself. :)

 Close up. Don't I look excited? LOL. How do you like the husbands long hair. :) Cool eh?

This is the little card I made and colored with my Copic Markers. :)
Have a great day,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I tried one of my 6 pk Ice Cream Nail Polishes!

My son Ronnie, his wife Erica and my grandson Drew gave me this for one of my Christmas gifts. 
Isn't this SO very cute?

 I used the 1st one.

 My nails and cuticles are in bad shape. I had to put oil on to cover up all the dryness.

 This is two coats.

I used Konad White Polish and Konad Plate M57!

It has been a long time since I've polished and it was fun.

My newest card...

This was fun to make.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Copic fun and a card I made!

Here is a digital design I colored with my Copic Markers and a card I made. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Card I made for my son's 31st birthday today!

I've made five cards so far. It has been pretty fun. 
This is one I made for my son's 31st birthday today! He has the day off and I hope he has a blast. We will be seeing him this weekend.
Here is the card:
Silly isn't he? He is wearing his 19 month old sons hat. LOL!

Here is the inside. Of course there will be MONEY tucked under the bears head. 
I colored the bear with my Copic Markers. 

Yup, he is 31 and that makes me..................
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Happy Birthday Andy.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My very 1st Scrapbook Page

I know as I get practice and learn more the pages will get better. I need a TON more goodies too. :)
These are my grandsons. Mason who is 19 months and Drew who is 8 years.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My husband and I started Power 90 Monday January 3rd. :o)

My husband Albert and I are on day 3 of the Power 90 workout. 

We started the clean diet on Sunday. Albert actually fasted on Saturday. 
My main purpose is to be healthier at 55 and on through aging. :o) I had 13 pounds to lose and he has a bunch. He hasn't really set a goal as it depends how he looks. 
He has lost 8 pounds and I've lost 5! 
We took all of our photos and measurements on Sunday. :)
Yes, we are sore and especially me because being a housewife is pretty soft work. LOL. He is an electrician and gets pretty active at work. 
We are on the 6 day Fat Burning Express diet and the workout that is 36 minutes long. We work out 6 days a week with Sunday off. 
Monday we will be starting the Sculpt 1-2 alternating with Sweat 1-2. Three of each all week. 
Our son Andy and his wife Melissa have been doing P90X/Insanity for I think about 260 days and he adds in other programs. The "X" is much longer and a lot more intense. :) You can see their videos here: