Friday, September 23, 2011 is a RIP OFF. is a RIP OFF. I worked hard doing surveys and earned almost the $70 and they put it back to zero!
Just wanted you all to know,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rose made of Tootsie Rolls (sort of)!

I was goofing around with tootsie rolls and thought I would try to make a rose with them. 

It didn't turn out too bad eh?
I took 7 tootsie's and microwaved them for just a few seconds to make them easier to flatten and then I flattened them all into rounds. I took the first one and curled it up into a bud looking thingy and then I took the rest and formed them around the bud.
I tried again yesterday and found the if you cut the circles in half that it looks better. 
I've got to practice more.
The most fun is eating them of course. :)
Enjoy the day,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ideals to make your own cookie cutter!

Ok, I'm new at this and still trying to figure things out but hey we all start somewhere. I needed a Hello Kitty Cookie Cutter for a challenge I entered. I didn't have one and didn't want to wait to order one so I tried making my own. 

 This is my favorite Coffee Creamer. I used the container to cut strips of plastic out to shape around the Hello Kitty graphic I printed.

 You can get pretty long strips. These are shorter ones showing. You may have to re-cut the strip to straighten it. 

 Staples the ends together if you need more and to hold the piece together. You can place the plasitic or tin around the graphic to see how much you need before stapling. Next time I may try heavy duty tape.

 You can use Extra Thick Template Plastic that quilters use too. 

Here is a trash can one I worked on using template. Not as heavy as the Creamer container. :)
 This is the Hello Kitty I made using the Creamer Container. It worked great.
Hello Kitty Cookies. :) YUM!

 You can use about any soda can too.

 Be very careful with the cutting. I just used scissors. Use the middle part of course and don't try cutting the rounded tops and bottoms. :)

Trash can using a can. Not as sturdy as the Creamer Container.
You could probably buy flashing (roofing material) at your local hardware to cut strips out of too.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cake I made for my grandson Drew's 9th birthday.

My grandson Drew's birthday was on Thursday. He was at Enchanted Forest Water Safari at Old Forge NY for his birthday. He is now here and we are going to have a Chicken Alfredo supper for him and the cake I made.

Here it is and click to enlarge:

 I can't wait to dig in!
Enjoy your weekend.