Monday, August 8, 2011

Cake balls with icing flavored with Wedding Bouquet & Vanilla & Butter!

I don't know why I'm baking so much. LOL. 
Well, my daughter in law Erica was bringing my grandson Drew over for a few hours and I know she likes the icing I make with the Wedding Bouquet flavor so I made some cake balls. I also wanted to try some other flavor so I used vanilla and butter flavoring on some.
 OH so tasty.

The swirls on the left are looser than the ones on the right. That is how I knew which flavor was which. Erica knew right off the bat just by smelling. LOL!

Aren't they so very cute?

I used my Nostalgia Electrics Donut Holes Maker. YUMMY!


  1. They look really good. Also, theylook easy to make. Yum.

  2. Thanks Manda. :) They are pretty easy.


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