Sunday, February 14, 2010

Want to see my Sewing Room????

This is a sign for my sewing room that my daughter in law Erica made me. I love it! :)
Yes, these are photos from last January. All is pretty much the same except I don't have the laptop anymore.

My storage closet with machine embroidery thread rack on the right and of course a TV.

My Machine Embroidery Station. :) It's a Janome 300E!

My Sewing Station. My sewing machine is a Janome 6500!

My t-shirt, mouse pad transfer station! I should make a bunch of mouse pads for my son's band Tyrade. Check them out:

Here is my cutting station. I have an ironing board cover that goes over the whole thing. Cool eh? I use it also to put together my Embroidered clocks and a million other projects. :)
Are we having fun yet?????


  1. I love this! So cool to have a room to create in. Looks like you have everything you need too! By the looks of it, you spend a few hours a day in there?

  2. Elizabeth,
    Actually I haven't been spending too much time in there since I started playing with nail polish. Should get back in there more regular though. I love having my own place.

  3. You sew too! That's awesome, so do I, but I confine my sewing to another blog. Unfortunately I haven't sewn much this year... Sigh...

  4. I haven't seen lately and I "DO" need to get back to it.
    WHere is your sewing blog?

  5. What a fabulous room Susie!!! I love the bits of pink :)

  6. :o) Thanks Pryn. It isn't quite big enough. I have my nail station and scrap/card/copic station in the bedroom. :)


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