Friday, February 19, 2010

KOTD: Yellow/Blue!

I used China Glaze "Happy Go Lucky" for the base. I actually like this better than with the added konading. :) Albert said they looked like bananas and so did Drew. Men!!!! GEESH!

Hopefully one day I'll do a better job with the application. :)

I love my Pink Ott Light! :)

The konading is from plate M8.

I used Konad Princess Blue Pearl :o)

I'm not crazy about the OUT THE DOOR top coat.
Happy Weekend!


  1. Looks good, Susie! That stamp always reminds me of fireworks.


  2. Love it!!

    Glad you wrote that about the Out The Door...I keep looking at it at my cosmetics supply place...I won't bother trying it now.

  3. That yellow is gorgeous! So bright and cheery. And your application far surpasses mine. I still manage to get it alll over my cuticles and sides of my fingers. I just wash my hands as many times as I can bear to try and wash off the excess. :)

  4. Yardsticks, yup it reminds me of fireworks too. :) Thanks.

    Tiffani, and Gildedangel, thanks. :)

    Concertina, Thanks, yes I would never buy it again but many swear by it. :)

    Jessica, Thanks. It was all over my cuticles but I cleaned up best I could. I use pointed Q-tips and acetone to get what I can off. I can't seem to do a 'clean' three stroke application like many do. Oh well. :)

  5. I love the combination of blue and yellow! It looks fab! :)


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