Friday, October 2, 2009

Today a busy one:

Today was a busy one: laundry, sweep, vacuum through, clean tub (try to) LOL, reconcile accounts, run and clean out dishwasher, clean porch, get cold meat and cheese downtown, clean cupboards under sinks and various other little thingies.


I also baked my own birthday cake and decorated it. :) NOPE it isn't my birthday today but it will be on the 19th.To celebrate we are taking Ron, Erica, Andy, Melissa, Drew and Mason to Lake Placid tomorrow. We rented a big van thingy to haul us all. We plan to leaf peep, eat out at Charlie's, walk the shops, and go up White Face Mountain if it isn't too cloudy.I'll be 54 and I can bake and decorate my own cake if I want. LOL!


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