Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bread Baker’s Apprentice: CHALLENGE #20 Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire

This recipe is AWESOME even though I ended up with an 'air hump'! LOL!
The only changes I made was 'instead' of the 3 tablespoons of brown rice I used the same amount of ground flax seed and when I did the soaker I added over twice the water and just didn't add it in later on. Oh and I did not use Polenta. I hate that stuff. It is too harsh and crunchy. I used cornmeal. :)
I have to say that Albert and I really enjoyed it. You can tell because over half of it was gone at lunchtime. :)
It does make the very best toast ever and I mean ever.
YUM. This will be one I will be sure to make again.


  1. Oh Susie, that hump is hilarious! Gives your bread character, I We LOVED this bread too and will definitely be making it again. Good job!

  2. Mags,
    Thanks for liking my hump. :)
    The next two recipes are intimidating. EEKKK.

  3. This is one of my favorites too. You should call the bread The Hump?:D

  4. Oggi,
    Yes, I WOULD call it the HUMP but it already gone. :)

  5. Yes, the best toast ever! Yours is too cute. Now if you could only get it to make an air hump in the shape of an "s!"

  6. Hi Jancie,
    Thanks! Ya, I'm sort of surprised the hump didn't look like an "S". :)

  7. Nice hump! It looks hilarious! I like your idea of using all the water in the soaker. When I added it in, I sort of scratched my head, as it wasn't so much a soaker as just a bunch of wet grains.

  8. Misterrios,
    LOL, thanks! Ya it really did need more water in the soaker. A lot more. :)


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