Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ok my first post! Well not really.

My first post? Well, at one time I tried blogging for a while. It just became tedious so I deleted the whole thing. DUH! Of course my first post in my Home and Hobby blog has to be about my family.

First me. LOL! I'm 53 and I have "so" many hobbies. I'll blog about them as I go along. :o)

My husband of 35 years is Albert. He is 54 and loves his Harley, his laptop and then I think "me". He is sick of working. The poor fella has worked since he was 14. He recently quit smoking. Actually it has been 80 days I think. We won't talk about how it has been around here.

My oldest son is Andrew and he works in a lab. He is 29 and married one year to Melissa a 28 year old physical therapist assistant. They are due to have their first son Mason in June. :) We are excited and I can't wait to meet him.

Our younger son is Ronnie and is a sheet rock finisher and he has his own rock band called
He is 26 and his wife of 5 years Erica a home-maker is 24. They have a six year old son named Drew. He is such a joy in our lives.

Right to left:
Erica, Drew, Ronnie, Melissa, Andy, Susie and Albert! Taken 9/8/07


  1. Yay on starting a blog - I love doin' mine! Happy Baking....fellow BBA Challenge Member..Pete Eateamall

  2. Thanks for writing the very first comment and congratulating me on starting a blog. I just started following your blog the other day. :)


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