Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Well, I've had the flu since Friday and will call the doctor tomorrow if I still feel like crap. Happy New Year.
The selling off of most of our possessions to live in an RV in about 3 years is going ok. I've sold almost all of my Knitting machine stuff. I still have a little yarn and a few needles to get rid of and some books.
I sold my Janome 300E and all of the supplies, the freezer, bread machine, some books, my desk top computer, my Silhouette SD cutting machine and some of the supplies and some nail polish are gone. I never realized how much STUFF I had.
I still have a lot of nail polish, a lot of quilting, knitting and cook books. I will have a ton of quilting supplies once I get time to go through it all.
It is very freeing and yet weird to get rid of my goodies. :)
Have a wonderful New Year,

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