Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My 3rd and 4th scrapbook pages done!

I have decided seeing I'm 55 years old with TONS of photos that I would just work on three albums. One is weddings which will be ours, our sons and any grandkids that we may see get married. I will do a monthly one starting last month that will include things that happen in the month and any crafts I do and a Christmas one. :)
I've already shared my Christmas ones here which is my very 1st page:
and here:
Here is what I did today:
 The month of January was our NY Eve party with our grandson, our oldest sons 31st birthday and my husband and I starting our workout Power 90. :)

This is what I played with in January. Cards, cards, and more cards. :)


  1. Yay, Susie! Great idea! I am too 'chicken' to scrapbook! LOL I live to make little albums, but, not big pages.....

  2. Thanks SherryBee. It's just paper, I don't think it bites. LOL.
    I'll have to check your blog and see if you have your little albums posted. :)


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