Thursday, February 17, 2011

Did 5th and 6th scrapbook pages!

I've decided being 55 years old I just don't want to have the bother of DOING all the photos I have. It would take me a million years.
I'm going to do a 3 albums. They will be MONTHLY, CHRISTMAS, and WEDDING.
The monthly one will have what happened in the month and some crafts I did. The Christmas I'm going to do every year and try to do a few past ones and the wedding will be ours first (we don't have many photos) and highlights of our youngest son that got married 7 years ago and our oldest son that has been married 3 years.

 Here is the outside cover. My husband and I back in 1973. 

 I looked like a scared little rabbit. LOL. I was a week over 18.

My wedding was shared with my twin sister. :o)
COOL eh?


  1. Aww how adorable! this is very sweet!


  2. O.M.G
    How great is that to share your wedding with your TWIN! AWESOME!
    I wish I had a sister...I have 3 *well, 2, now* younger brothers.....
    Hope you are staying warm, way up there in NY! LOL It's been cold here, though, and I L*O*V*E it! hehehe

  3. Thanks SherryBee. :)
    I have 5 sisters and 3 brothers. :)


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