Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas Eve!

My daughter in law Erica had a 'sweet' idea of all of us decorating Sugar Cookies this year so I baked a bunch of cookies for Christmas Eve afternoon.

 Here I am filling up a decorator bag with white buttercream. :)

 Here are a few of the cookies that were done. 

 My husband showing off his bulb ornament cookie.

 Our youngest son Ronnie showing us his snowflake cookie. 

 Our oldest grandson Drew showing us his tree cookie.

 Our daughter in law Erica showing us her snowflake cookie.

 Our daughter in law Melissa showing us her snowman cookie.

Our youngest grandson Mason showing us his tree cookie and his mommy showing her mitten cookie.

Our oldest son Andy showing us his snowman cookie.

A bunch of Grinch's! LOL!
Hope your holiday was fun.


  1. What a great way for the family to get together...and snacks for later even!

    Love your son's grinch shirt btw!

  2. MrsRexy,
    Thanks. It sure was fun. Hope your holiday was fun too.


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