Monday, May 16, 2011

A blog that is offering a BREAD baking challenge:

If anyone is interested, there is a Bread baking challenge using the book Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads book, New Techniques, Extraordinary Flavor at this blog:


  1. Dear Susie, This bread looks amazing ! I would love to jump and rip a piece!!!!!!!I didn't get to this recipe but I am follow this Challenge since 2009 and I learn a lot about making bread. Thank you for comment to my Sicilian and Tuscan bread...Happy baking!

  2. ILEANA G,
    Who are you following the challenge with? Did you just decide to start it yourself?
    I have a Zojirushi too,

  3. I followed 'PINCH MY SALT' for about 2 years and I keep doing some bread from the book, I have 2 more people at my job the follow with me, or in between us... I follow this facebook "bread baking challenge"...I was invited to and I see you are part of it. If you want to follow my blog I would be happy, there is a special label for bread baking challenge, in my blog, and there is a search button in the beginning of the blog.
    I like your blog, too, thanks,ilibili

  4. I'm only half way through the PINCH MY SALT challenge.
    I'll go check out your blog and follow,


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