Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nails yesterday, today and Konading! :o)

I did this mani last night. I took it off because it bubbled and looked awful. It is Pure Ice Outrageous. I could have been something I did wrong but not sure. :)

This morning I took of the Pure Ice and I picked a similar color from China Glaze called Admire.

The China Glaze Admire is real similar to the Pure Ice one. :)

I then Konaded it with the Princess White Polish and Konad Plate M63

I really, really like the white Konading. :)


  1. That looks lovely!
    Great color combination. =)

  2. really nice konad, great colours! Hi sweetie, just found I wasn't following so put that right today, could have sworn I joined ages ago! Anyway, following now and your blog is fab!!!

  3. Thanks gals! :o)

    Glad you found me BabyD. :o)


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