Sunday, January 3, 2010

FAILED Konad :(

LOL, well what do you know, a failed Konad. HA HA HA!
I learned a lot though. I learned to wait longer for things to dry better. I learned not to press so hard. I learned to use the SPECIAL POLISHES unless I've actually practiced before hand to see if another 'thick' polish will work and use a darker one.
I didn't bother to put top coat on or clean things up.
Tomorrow "IS" another day!


  1. Just a tip: a polish doesn't have to be thick to work. I've used very watery polishes too and they did great. A polish does have to be pretty pigmented.

    I use a notepad under my plates and when I want to use a normal polish for stamping I do a couple of test stamps on the pad first. When you get a clean opaque stamp on the pad it should work on your nails too.

    Experiment with letting the normal polish sit for a while before or after scraping when the image is opaque but smudges easily.

    Good luck!

  2. Kirsten,
    Thanks. I thought it had to be thick because the Konad Special Polish is thick. I'll test it on paper like you say. :) Thanks,


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