Thursday, July 14, 2011

#7 Transitional Multigrain Hearth Bread

Here is my try at the #7 recipe which is the "Transitional Multigrain Hearth Bread"! It is on Page 156 of Whole Grain Bread book by Peter Reinhart and it is a challenge that Jenni started. Here is Jenni's blog:

 This is the third loaf in a row that the top collapsed on. I didn't over proof it so go figure.
 All I know is that it looks yummy and...

is is YUMMY! Had two slices already. I could probably eat the whole loaf in one sitting if I didn't use control. :)
Enjoy your Thursday,


  1. that looks so yummy. i wonder when i can make my own bread, always have something from the supermarkets/groceries

  2. Belle,
    Thanks. You can make your own today. :)


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