Saturday, June 11, 2011

WGB challenge #3 Transitional Rye Sandwich Bread

I know I'm a day a head but I have a lot to do this coming week. 
Here is my try at the #3 recipe from the Whole Grain Breads Book by Peter Reinhart's called Transitional Rye Sandwich Bread. 
 I am a rye bread lover and this is very tasty for sure. :)

 I thought I had a lame for slashing but I couldn't find it and used
a silly utility cutter. LOL. I've got to practice more. :)

A wonderful tasting bread and I will certainly make it again. 


  1. Looks good I can't wait to bake mine this week!

  2. Jenni,
    Did you ever rebake the last one that came out thin?
    I love this rye one. YUM. Thanks,

  3. okay, that is a beautiful loaf and a very interesting dark crust. How did you accomplish that?

  4. Cellarguy,
    Thanks. I don't know how the crust got dark like that. It was SO very tasty. :)


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