Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our newest grandson Carter was born today!

We went for a Harley ride today and stopped in to see our son Andy, our daughter in law Melissa and grandson Mason in Constantia, NY! We visited for a while and Melissa was feeling sort of poorly. :) We took off and went to North Syracuse for lunch at Applebee's and Andy called about 12:10 pm and said they were going to the hospital that her contractions were getting close and consistent. We got there about 1:10 pm and he was born at 3:10 pm. Quick eh? He was 7lbs. 1 ounce!
He is such a sweet kid.
Love Carter James Simser so much. :)


  1. He is beautiful. Born 2 days before Uncle Albert's birthday. The picture of Albert holding him looks like he is smiling already.. So Cute. Love, Aunt Peg and Uncle Bob

  2. Aunt Peg,
    Thanks! Albert said Uncle Albert was born June 29th and not May. :)
    Yes that photo looks like he is smiling at Albert. :)

  3. Susie, Albert
    Congratulations, to the parents, and grandparents, Carter is a beautiful looking baby,
    He is a very lucky young man, whose life will be filled with much love.
    Congratulations !!!
    cheers, Linda, Orville

  4. Great....congrats to all!!! I am sure Melissa is glad that is over!!

  5. Congrats :) Love the photos and love how it played out!

  6. What a darling addition to your family!!

  7. He's so precious. Congrats on the new grandson.

  8. Beautiful photos! Congratulations!


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